Welcome to Earth Chick Medicinals! We’re so happy to have you here. We offer Acupuncture and Transformative Healing as well as hand-crafted, small-batch herbal medicines, tinctures, oils, salves, lotions, soaps, candles, teas, and commercial supplements. Take a look around and check back often. Thank you.

Transformative Healing

Transformative Healing sessions with Alexis are truly a unique experience, often described by her clients as “some sort of fairy magic”. 

It begins with a conversation with your body.  Using intuition, her energetic sensitivities, and advanced diagnosis techniques, Alexis facilitates this conversation, helping you come home to your body and connecting you to what’s possible for your life and health.

Through the healing process, Alexis empowers you to trust your inner knowing and take responsibility for your health. By clearing away the noise – the unnecessary Chi – she teaches you to listen to your body, to learn its unique language, and to find and follow your own center.

Most sessions start with Manual Immune Modulation, and may include any number of advanced techniques including Moxibustion, non-insertive Teishin needle techniques, clearing energy patterns, and herbal and supplement recommendations.  

Often people come to Alexis after not seeing results with other practitioners or protocols.  Frequently in these cases, the groundwork has already been laid, and with the noise cleared, the current protocols become more effective. 

Alexis sees her part as a channel for the energy to come through to allow physical and spiritual healing to occur. 

Herbal Medicine

Alexis marries a Chinese background with Western accessibility in her approach to Herbal Medicine. Her herbal recommendations can often be found in your own backyard or your local grocer’s bulk bins, or with homemade tinctures and flower essences. Alexis guides her patients to become intuitively aware of how they respond to herbal medicine, as not everyone responds the same way to the same herbs, and to intuitively know when it is time to back off or reintroduce, if needed. She sees these as a supplement to your healing in the short term, as a way to correct course, as opposed to a long-term solution to rely on. Recommendations may be made to compliment the healing work started in an Acupuncture or Transformative Healing session.

Alexis studied traditional Chinese medicine at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. Her knowledge was further enhanced through her work at Turtle Dragon, a healing center focused on Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Here she was responsible for preparing herbal prescriptions and tinctures for multiple practitioners as well as overall management of supporting the herbal pharmacy. Through this work she further enhanced her learning and developed her own system for incorporating Herbal Medicine into her Acupuncture and Intuitive Healing treatments.